Too long a hiatus

Title says it all. I think I’ve been away from this place way too long. Life caught up with me, I guess. First exams, then the army. Only now have things started to cool down…

Well, in the meantime, I’ve been messing around playing Weiss Schwarz. For more info on that game, go to

Also, years of watching anime, reading manga, and playing galge have paid off has caught one of my juniors attention and I got roped in to help translate manga. Now doing a scanlation project for this currently ongoing manga Mei no Naisho.

For all intents and purposes, I guess you can take this post to mean that I’ll be getting more active again, even if I mostly stick to series reviews for a while.

April Fool’s day is lol…

Here we are at April Fool’s Day again. April 1st, and the madness begins once more…

No, I’m not as stupid as Kana that I’ll fall for the same tricks year after year.

I’m just going to go rant a little. Personally, I don’t quite see the fun in all the crazy sudden site revamps, closing downs, blah blah etc… that happens on this day every year. Well, it certainly works on first timers, but to someone who has been hanging around the anime side of the internet for a few years, this sort of thing gets old really quick. Read the rest of this entry »

Koihime Musou Series Review

This review was written by Morthoseth of AMP3s and published here with permission

Anime: Koihime Muso
Episodes: 12
Released: 2008
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action, Slight Ecchi

This anime is an adaptation of a Japanese adult visual novel called Koihime Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi which is loosely based on the famous Chinese novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, the anime does not dwell into the complexities of the Chinese novel at all; instead, it focuses on the travels and adventures of a young beautiful black-haired warrior named Kan’u as she journeys throughout China. She is alone at the start of the anime but is soon quickly joined by other companions on her travels. Read the rest of this entry »

Toaru Closes One Chapter and Opens Another

I’m still alive… I go away for a few months and people start to think that Rakugakid runs this place…

So. Toaru Majutsu no Index comes to a close…

Bye bye Index…

Well, congrats to JC Staff for another series well done. The animation quality was good, ditto for the voice acting. Nothing particularly wrong overall on the technical side.
Sure, some people were a bit unhappy with the pace seeming to feel too slow, and there being not enough action. Well, face it. This is a show based off a light novel. Pulling off action scenes are pretty much pulling nice pictures out of the air. Fine, the screenwriter’s imagination, but you get the idea. Read the rest of this entry »

[Rakugakid] Another short post

PRINCESS is one of my favourite songs but its not related

I never heard of this anime (at least, I think it is an anime) but I think that person is a trap. For those who know the truth good for you, however, from two other fans which shares the same title I managed to discriminate two traps thus making me wary of this third one. Anyway, I have to stop here if not this would no longer be a short post. =)

[Rakugakid] School is starting soon so I shall make this post short

And how would I do that? By putting just one picture here.

I have also just put this picture on my blog. In case any of you have not come across the December issue of Moeoh this picture came from there. I don’t know what you guys would think about this girl. Cute maybe. But before you carry on further with whatever you might be thinking now, look at her properly. Her top is ok but doesn’t her bottom look…? I shall leave it as that and everything else will be up to your imagination. It could also be just the light anyway. ^__^

[Rakugakid] Time to create havoc, Not

To my understanding, Rdrake has gone for his training and since the boss is not around I guess it would be a good time to create havoc. Well, not quite. In my own blog, I have expressed that I am feeling bitter right now but I didn’t state the reasons. Since its much secluded here, I guess I can have a small rant session.

First up, a random picture, and the following pictures would also not be related
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RDrake goes Offline

Well, that’s it. I’ve been conscripted lol. This means that for the next few months while I’m in training, I’m not going to be online much at all. This place is going to be left in the tender loving care of my co-bloggers while I’m not around (assuming they decide to even post at all). I see Rakugakid is still around, so you’ll probably be seeing more of him these days…

I’m also trying to see if I can drag in more co-bloggers to hold the fort while I gone… Based on past experience, I think there are very few people willing to write stuff on a small time anime blog like this…

Adios. I’ll be back when I’m done with training, I hope.

[Rakugakid] O_O I am still a contributor

Hi all. I have not posted for months now and I think everyone should have forgotten about me by now. Anyway since I am still a contributor I think I shall do a post. (Since Rdrake has been asking me to do so for about 2 months now.)

I am a manga addict

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Anime Festival Asia 08 Day 1

Ok, that was fun. I just spent the whole day down at Suntec City where Anime Festival Asia(AFA) 08 is being held. Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures, but I’ll try to get some from the other bloggers.

At 8.30am, I met up with the other bloggers at City Hall. The event didn’t start until around 10am or so, but they had media passes and could go in early. (Maybe next year I’ll go do that too, after I get this place into better shape.)

By the time we reached the event hall, the place was already packed. Apparently, the queues for tickets are incredibly long. It took me a 20 minute wait just to get a ticket, and I was even pre-registered. The poor non-registered visitors had to wait in line for hours…

Anyway, the doors opened at 10am and and the opening ceremony was held with all the delegates and guests of honour. Then things start to get busy…

Immediatly as the event started, there were long queues at two booths, the Takashimaya booth and the KKNM booth. Both stores were releasing new items today. (In Taka’s case, it was a limited edition trans-am Gundam Exia). Long queues indeed. Someone should have a photo to show just how long… The one at kknm simply refused to go away, right from opening to closing of the store O_O

Most of the booths seemed to have pretty brisk business. Including the arcade area. Which I just don’t get. It’s one thing to hold an arcade gaming competition, but another altogether to set up shop in there WHEN THE ENTRANCE FEE IS 4-5 SGD.

The art shows were nice enough. There are two art competitions with prize ceremonies being held at AFA. Graphite, by NUS Anime Club, and Mangaka. Today’s prize ceremony was for Graphite, and tomorrow’s will be for Mangaka. Nice art, worth a look if you find them at the corner…

Ok, on the stage, they were having some photo events and stuff. Tamagotchi, 5 second man, power rangers, even… Oh the screening of MS Igloo was nice. They played it using the english dub, but the dubbing is really really good… It’s hard to believe it was done locally. (Yes, it’s a Singaporean dub, believe it or not.) There was also a preview for the movie coming out soon, “The Sky Crawlers”. It looks, good, I’ll probably catch it in cinemas when it’s out. The Gundam designer made an appearance too, but I didn’t catch much of him because I was leading some friends from school around.

Overall, the whole affair was well done, and things proceded in an orderly manner. I give the organisers kudos for that, this being the first time an anime convention of this magnitude is being held here after all. And the number of special guests they managed to attract in are marvelous. Just May’n alone would have been a coup, but having half a dozen or so is really nice, especially since this is “backward” SEA…

On the downside, the content, while pretty full, wasn’t very attractive to anime veterans like us animebloggers. Studio 4C is good, sure, but it doesn’t have the same bulging portfolio full of blockbuster works as other studios like Sunrise or KyoAni. On the merchandising front, there wasn’t much to buy either. The exclusive limited edition Gunpla was a good idea, but there were too few off them. Other than that, most of the shops didn’t have a AFA exclusive release. KKnM’s release was a exclusive release mainly on account of it arriving from Japan on the same date as AFA.

Ok, I suppose that’s a simple round up of AFA day 1. I’ll be going the whole day again tomorrow, so stay tuned for more updates.