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Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Author : —RDrake— As the title says. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures to put up, since the Japanese don’t really celebrate the Lunay New Year (they’ve got Hatsumode already anyway)… I’ll try get a pic later. Well, best of wishes to everyone. Hope the new year brings in lots of wealth, hehehe… P.S. [...]

Sola – Matsuri Wallpapers

Author: — RDrake — Hmm, took the Matsuri wallpapers out of a huge wallpaper pack off Tokyo Tosho. Sorry but I can’t read/find the credits on them, so I don’t know where to link to… Anyways, here they are…

Touka Gettan walls

Today, I have a nice package. Touka Gettan wallpapers… Ok, fine, I know most people won’t be following the anime on account of not being able to figure out a show that goes backwards in time. (Look, you guys handled Haruhi, so what’s the problem now?) But Carnelian has good art, no way around that… [...]

Wallpaper: Nakoruru & New Image Pack

See my banner up there? Yea, I’ve been using it since the start, right? I need to change it sooner or later I guess. But that’s not the main point. I used a small render to make that banner originally, but now I found myself a wallpaper sized version of that very same picture. YAY! [...]

Wallpaper : Infiltration

Well, well, it’s a busy weekend for me, so I have a few half finished posts piling up behind me. Don’t worry, I think I should be able to finish them up on Sunday then post them over the next week. Anyway, on to the real topic at hand. Today’s wallpaper is called Infiltration. Nei [...]

Wallpaper: Seconds for Curry

Best to put up more walls or I will never finish putting up all the stock that I have stuck in my archives. This one is from Gadget Trial again. It’s called Seconds for Curry. It comes from the scene where the girls are having a break from the battle trials. One of my better [...]

Pre Spring Arrival Party! Geishun Haru?

YAY! It’s just a few days off till April arrives! And I bet you all know what that means… Ok, for those who don’t, it heralds the arrival of the Spring season. And with the new season comes a new batch of new animes. Yay! Celebration time.

Wallpaper: Hayate 01

Well, sorry for a … uninteresting title then. But then again, for a game rip picture, what can you expect? Yes, it’s Hayate Yagami from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s. Doujin work of course, but what isn’t, these days. So much is doujin. Well, I guess I can live with that. So long as there [...]

Wallpaper: Nebulae Strider

Well, yea, I said that I would put up one of my own experimental wallpapers, yes? Ok, here it is then. My guess is that the render comes from Zone of Enders (it’s a game, yes?), but I’m not sure, since I didn’t make it myself. The background, I just played around a bit till [...]

Wallpaper: Swimming

Ok, time to break my silence once more. Here a new wallpaper for everyone. Today’s wallpaper is called Swimming. It features the deep, dark Hisoka. Lolz, you should read the text that was running through while the CG was on. Highly amusing. Fishing while not just on duty, in actual battle… News: Yes, I was [...]