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Hi all, Rakugakid here

I have just been added as a writer on R.A.W.R and I think it is best for me to do an introduction first. Firstly, I am a noobie so my posts are really random. My niche is generally being random. Though, most of the time I would complain about not having enough money to buy [...]

Moe Day Surprise

Hmm, Moe Day is long over by a few days now, but I found something really interesting… (For those not in the know, Moe Day is 10th October. It is derived from the kanji/chinese word for moe, which is made up by the kanji/chinese words for ten-day-ten-month.) And it just so happened that on Moe [...]

Impz’s Birthday Incoming

Well, for those of you not in the know, celebrity animeblogger Impz of THAT Anime Blog is celebrating his 25th birthday come this Sunday 14th October. Here’s to wishing him a happy birthday then! KANPAI!!!! Oopps, I can’t drink… Well, anyway, just a heads up. To all those of you thinking about getting Impz something [...]

Kodomo no Jikan OVA

Admin note : RDrake is having exams, so he hasn’t been writing, nor will he have time to write, heck, not even watch anime, for another two weeks or so. Please bear with this till then. Signed, RDrake Konata pic in the meantime. Farewell, Lucky Star. It’s been nice… ————————————————– Hmm, not many others watching [...]

How to identify this?

Yea, well, Doujin Work has been out for a few episodes now, and one thing has been bugging me a little. Does anyone know what is this? Well, see, I used think it was an eraser during ep 1 and 2, but closer examination shows that it’s not… so, just what is it? it’s cute, [...]

Hayate 18 Hinagiku Screencaps

Uguu~ I fell for it. I ended up taking screenshots of Hinagiku throughout the ep… Ctrl Alt S !!!

wtf? Tank in CCS 1st movie?

Author: —Guncannon— Title is self-explainatory. Long story cut really short, I have been hooked to CCS lately due to a few people’s hard-selling it on the #AB channel. Since the 1st movie was based in Hong Kong and I am from there, I was paying a lot of attention to the background and stuff, which [...]

Sola’s ending Part 2

Author: —RDrake— Hehe, the first post on Sola’s ending focused on techniques of a good ending. However, it seems from the comments that people think the ending sucked because Yorito and Matsuri died… Seriously, Sola is not a harem anime where haremites are not supposed to die… Goodbye, Matsuri. You will be dearly missed… Well, [...]

On Sola and endings

Author: —RDrake— Well, Sola has ended… (Oh the pain…) Ok, I’ll do a series review later on, today I’m writing a commentatory on how Sola’s ending turned out to be… Aono. May you live a good life as a normal human now… Warning : This post is written for those who have actually watched Sola [...]

Secret of Evangelion review

Name: Secret of Evangelion / シークレット・オブ・エヴァンゲリオン Release date: 2007/6/28 Price: 5040 yen Genre: Adventure game Console: PSP