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[Rakugakid] O_O I am still a contributor

Hi all. I have not posted for months now and I think everyone should have forgotten about me by now. Anyway since I am still a contributor I think I shall do a post. (Since Rdrake has been asking me to do so for about 2 months now.) I am a manga addict

Hinagiku has a nice smile…

Finally finished reading volume 10 of Hayate no Gotoku recently. And I found something really interesting. Since I figure that I’m ahead of the pack, (I bought volume 10 when it was a new release less than a week ago,) I think I’ll put up something interesting. The original image size is a very convenient [...]

RDrake is away…

No post this weekend. RDrake is away reading volumes 9 and 10 of the Hayate no Gotoku manga. Because he will be reading in Chinese (Simplified), his read speed effectively drop to roughly half, and thus he’ll be using alot of time for two mere volumes. Please bear with this leave of absence. In the [...]