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Merry Christmas 2007!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of the year again. Well, Merry Christmas everyone. Remember to enjoy your holiday before next year comes and it’s back to the usual hustle and bustle again. Shana gets red for a different reason at this time of year… Hmm, well, yea, this post marks the end of my [...]

RDrake AFK…

RDrake will be away for a while. Until the 23rd of November to be exact. Sorry that this means no posts until then. He will be away in backwater China away from computers. Please pray for him that he will survive…

Joke Post :3

Uguu~ Guncannon is going to kill me for this… The following is some random madness as usually seen on #animeblogger @ irchighway. For background information, please visit!

KKnM Chara Fest 2007

Meh, is this some sort of massive sale coming up with lots and lots of rare items? Well, whatever it is, it seems intereting. Anyway, it’s barely 11 days away now, so really, I ought to be putting up an early notice for all other noobs-to-this-event to prepare for it… Oh, here’s KKnM’s promotional banner!

More ODEX Madness? Stop the flaming. Please.

I certainly didn’t see this coming. ODEX has a new wave of HATE coming for it… According to this, it appears that Hardware Zone forumers have found the identity of someone who was gloating about sueing people. Turns out the culprit was none other than Stephen Sing (For those not yet in the know, he’s [...]

Guncannon’s Welcome Party

Whee! Today is the day I officially welcome Guncannon to R.A.W.R. Time to celebrate! (For those not in the know, Guncannon is the new (second, to be exact) writer here. He joined a couple pf weeks ago.) To start off, I’ll do something that seems pretty popular an idea. Post up his picture! Hehe, kidding, [...]

Moe Test

You know you are not moe when… : So look, hai is yes and ie is no in Japanese. Got it? And after that, you also have… : IYAADAA~~! : … … … : -_-; : Ok… That sounded so wrong coming from you…

Damage Control

Yes… I disappeared off the map for a while. Sorry for missing my last post. Recently, my computer seems to have developed some very fustrating problems with javascript, and now I can’t put images or hyperlinks in my posts, can’t comment on my own blog, and lots of other little angonies… I’ll try to fix [...]

Sader has a new friend?

Lolz, Daber… What the heck is going on… So much Fate Stay/Night merchandise to produce that some people got a headache or something? Oh well…

Message to Impz

Impz, I sincerely hope you are currently enjoying your ipod. However, as I must have missed you on AB IRC recently, I have yet to enquire whether you are really enjoying it. Oh, and about your order for the lolipod upgrade and pouch, yes, they should be ready soon. Just to confirm, you wanted the third [...]