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April Fool’s day is lol…

Here we are at April Fool’s Day again. April 1st, and the madness begins once more… No, I’m not as stupid as Kana that I’ll fall for the same tricks year after year. I’m just going to go rant a little. Personally, I don’t quite see the fun in all the crazy sudden site revamps, [...]

[Rakugakid] Time to create havoc, Not

To my understanding, Rdrake has gone for his training and since the boss is not around I guess it would be a good time to create havoc. Well, not quite. In my own blog, I have expressed that I am feeling bitter right now but I didn’t state the reasons. Since its much secluded here, [...]

[Rakugakid] O_O I am still a contributor

Hi all. I have not posted for months now and I think everyone should have forgotten about me by now. Anyway since I am still a contributor I think I shall do a post. (Since Rdrake has been asking me to do so for about 2 months now.) I am a manga addict

Hilarious translating

Hmm, I decided I couldn’t resist putting these two examples of HOW SUBBING SHOULD NOT BE DONE up after all. Just too funny to resist… By the way, for those who want to know, this is taken from a.f.k.’s subbing of Lucky Star episode 8. TSUNDERE == BIPOLAR?!! NANI?? Wow, that’s nice. I wonder how [...]

Fell for it… Ok, I got your answer about that early fansub. It’s a load of bull. Don’t waste your time. Oh, and yesterday night, I was at Raffles Hotel, watching a play which starred Singapore’s most famous trap comedian. (I didn’t go on purpose for that. A friend had extra subsidised tickets.) Sad to say, it [...]

Somebody STOP her!

Ok, just a little something about Sumomo for a while now. Thought it would be best to write it out and see how things go. Let me get this straight (since I’ve only watched a couple of episodes so far. Read Tedfox’s reviews some, though). Each animal in the zodiac is supposed to be represented [...]

First major post is BURNING!

I thought it would be interesting to start off the first major post of mine with a flame. Of course, the current target of choice would be ODEX, no matter how people are beginning to cool down and think things through carefully. Ok, why do I still slam ODEX? Very well, I can get over their [...]