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Joke Post :3

Uguu~ Guncannon is going to kill me for this… The following is some random madness as usually seen on #animeblogger @ irchighway. For background information, please visit!

Manga Cafe Trip

Hmm, today, I went to sell the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni trading figurines to Impz. Apparently, he was on his way to the new manga cafe at suntec city, so, having nothing to do, I pretty much followed him and his friends there. (Warning: This course of action is not advised for green haired [...]

UA Sale Notice

Er, yea, Weiye of the friendly figurine shop at the fifth floor of Funan is having a sale once more. This would be the second installment of his quarterly shock sales. Well, I told you guys about the first one, and most of the details about this rounds one ought to be roughly the same… [...]

Temp coverage

Sorry to say, but I’ll be working this weekend, so don’t expect to see me around much… Kyaah~! Saw the new Mina Majikana figurine over at Urban attic. First reaction: KYAAH~! What’s this??? Second reaction: Uguu~… I want… Third reaction (upon learning the price): *Drops dead* Choke! Choke! Darn, it costs a whopping $142… That’s [...]

Money must be burnt

KYAAAH~! I think I just spent most of my cash reserves…most…thankfully not all. Well, Comics Connection seems to be selling posters at a dollar apiece. Well, not that their posters are worth buying, most of them aren’t at least. But I did find a SHnY one that had the same picture as one of the [...]