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Little Busters OP Single

— Author : RDrake — Hmm, just decided to do this to coincide with Guncannon’s post. Quite a while ago, Moe released the Little Busters OP single. As Guncannon has said, it’s called Little Busters as well and sung by Rita. Here’s the tracklist: 01.Little Busters! 02. 遥か彼方 03.Alicemagic 04.Little Busters! -off vocal- 05.遥か彼方 -off [...]

Phantasm Brigade

— Author : RDrake — I must admit. My first reaction to this scan was “What?!! Reimu is NOT flat chested??!!” Refer to つるぺったん for more info… Well, here is another album out by Silver Forest. I know. My last post was also about another of their albums. I just thought, why not have two [...]

Touhou Arrange Album

— Author : RDrake — About a week ago, NEET put up a torrent for the Touhou Arrange Album by Silver Forest on Tokyo Tosho. For those of you who missed it out, well… It’s pretty… interesting an album, I think. Touhou has some good music… Just to go through a couple of the nicer [...]

Fanboy rush – Ashita no prism single

Yes, yes, thank AB IRC for what I’m about to put here. It seems that there are actually people out there who don’t have Hirano Aya’s Ashita no Prism single yet. So due to requests from there, here you are… Then again, I didn’t get this off tokyo tosho or another of the anime related [...]

Tell me some stories

While gg fansubs has just released (at time of writing) Code Geass episode 14, there’s just something about episode 13 that I want to ask first. Anyone remember the insert song in the middle of episode 13? The part where Kallen is talking to Lelouch just before the battle with the Britannian forces? Based on [...]