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Happy Chinese New Year!

This one is the official post to celebrate CNY! WOOHOO! Yea, later then everyone else, but who cares… So, I expect everyone to be enjoying themselves, right? Since this is the year of the pig, let us all PIG OUT! (Anyone actually remember the arcade game by that name?) Anyway, I fufill that well enough, [...]

Render: Yu-ri Artillery

Well, I said a few days ago that my internet connection went haywire. Yes, that’s because I just got a new router. I wireless one. It took some time for me to stabilize it, but YES! it’s been done. Unfortunately, not before I accumulated some backlog of watching to do. This means that there will [...]

Render: Nei Ninja Scout

Yea, yea, sorry. I’m still down. Worse, I think my bittorrent is failing… Oh wait, it already has… Means that the next few days are mainly damage control and repair works… ONOZ!! Does this mean I will need youtube for an anime fix?! Hell No… Damage control… Ok, substitute stuff for posts as usual then. [...]

Render: Nei

Yet another Gadget Trial render. Hey, I made alot of them, so don’t complain. Today it’s the big onee-chan Nei, who basically runs all the tanks, scout cars, and APCs in the game. This one is her in her standard scout car outfit. I think the ninja one looks sexier, (darn, it cost me lots [...]

Render: Fire Emblem

Before I go on, just a little notice and crap and stuff… I’ve been playing Gadget Trial (the full version, in case you’re not up to speed yet) for the past few days. I think it’s great. Especially since some of the graphics make great wallpapers, hehe. What I’ve decided to do is to see [...]

Renders are back while Impzen 4koma have just popped up

Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me I left something back at wordpress? Sheesh, it took me so long to realize it myself. Anyway, I finally remembered to bring over the render page from Have to admit that it really didn’t take much effort… The link is over there on the right.——-> To celebrate, I’ll [...]