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Render: Nei

Yet another Gadget Trial render. Hey, I made alot of them, so don’t complain. Today it’s the big onee-chan Nei, who basically runs all the tanks, scout cars, and APCs in the game. This one is her in her standard scout car outfit. I think the ninja one looks sexier, (darn, it cost me lots [...]

Fell for it… Ok, I got your answer about that early fansub. It’s a load of bull. Don’t waste your time. Oh, and yesterday night, I was at Raffles Hotel, watching a play which starred Singapore’s most famous trap comedian. (I didn’t go on purpose for that. A friend had extra subsidised tickets.) Sad to say, it [...]

Render: Fire Emblem

Before I go on, just a little notice and crap and stuff… I’ve been playing Gadget Trial (the full version, in case you’re not up to speed yet) for the past few days. I think it’s great. Especially since some of the graphics make great wallpapers, hehe. What I’ve decided to do is to see [...]

Renders are back while Impzen 4koma have just popped up

Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me I left something back at wordpress? Sheesh, it took me so long to realize it myself. Anyway, I finally remembered to bring over the render page from Have to admit that it really didn’t take much effort… The link is over there on the right.——-> To celebrate, I’ll [...]

Tell me some stories

While gg fansubs has just released (at time of writing) Code Geass episode 14, there’s just something about episode 13 that I want to ask first. Anyone remember the insert song in the middle of episode 13? The part where Kallen is talking to Lelouch just before the battle with the Britannian forces? Based on [...]

The year of the loli

Well, it seems that there’s been an interesting start to the new year. We are being SPAMMED by shows with lolis. Something must be happening in Japan, I guess. Lolifest… Haha, lol… Impz must be squirming in his chair…

Somebody STOP her!

Ok, just a little something about Sumomo for a while now. Thought it would be best to write it out and see how things go. Let me get this straight (since I’ve only watched a couple of episodes so far. Read Tedfox’s reviews some, though). Each animal in the zodiac is supposed to be represented [...]

Money must be burnt

KYAAAH~! I think I just spent most of my cash reserves…most…thankfully not all. Well, Comics Connection seems to be selling posters at a dollar apiece. Well, not that their posters are worth buying, most of them aren’t at least. But I did find a SHnY one that had the same picture as one of the [...]

Gadget Trial English patch available

Many thanks to randomshinichi for the heads up, though I was busy setting up this place earlier. Sorry for that. The English patch is out! Rejoice! for the patch. This game is rather simple, I admit. But there are some levels I found hard. – randomshinichi Now that the english patch is out…I can [...]

First major post is BURNING!

I thought it would be interesting to start off the first major post of mine with a flame. Of course, the current target of choice would be ODEX, no matter how people are beginning to cool down and think things through carefully. Ok, why do I still slam ODEX? Very well, I can get over their [...]