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Azumanga Daioh Review

Bought a new figurine today. Actually, that was kinda unexpected. TJ Han called me halfway through the day to tell me the guy who got Dokuro chan first couldn’t make it and asked if I wanted it in his place. Of course I accepted, what else… Now I’m going to be hard pressed to buy [...]

Wallpaper: Primitive Link

New wallpaper today. And guess what, it’s not actually from Gadget Trial this time… What’s with the shock, did people actually believe I’ld stay on that forever? Please… Well, I don’t exactly have alot of info for this one, sad to say. On a quick, random quest to find nice new pics for you people [...]

Happy Chinese New Year!

This one is the official post to celebrate CNY! WOOHOO! Yea, later then everyone else, but who cares… So, I expect everyone to be enjoying themselves, right? Since this is the year of the pig, let us all PIG OUT! (Anyone actually remember the arcade game by that name?) Anyway, I fufill that well enough, [...]

Wallpaper: Fire!

Happy Chinese New Year people. Meh, sorry but no celebratory pics for you unlike everyone else who seemingly have one for every occasion. I’ll be gone for the long weekend holiday collecting hong bao money and pigging out on roast pork (Oh, wow, reminds me of the no pork joke again…) so I had better [...]

Fanboy rush – Ashita no prism single

Yes, yes, thank AB IRC for what I’m about to put here. It seems that there are actually people out there who don’t have Hirano Aya’s Ashita no Prism single yet. So due to requests from there, here you are… Then again, I didn’t get this off tokyo tosho or another of the anime related [...]


Well… I was intending to write up something about Azumanga Daioh, having just finished watching it. However, I also went ahead and watched the first 17 and a half minutes of Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha. That was yesterday… Mistake… KYAAH~! NANOHA IS TOO CUTE!!! TOO MOE!!! As a result, I’m currently in a semi-zombified state… [...]

Render: Yu-ri Artillery

Well, I said a few days ago that my internet connection went haywire. Yes, that’s because I just got a new router. I wireless one. It took some time for me to stabilize it, but YES! it’s been done. Unfortunately, not before I accumulated some backlog of watching to do. This means that there will [...]

Render: Nei Ninja Scout

Yea, yea, sorry. I’m still down. Worse, I think my bittorrent is failing… Oh wait, it already has… Means that the next few days are mainly damage control and repair works… ONOZ!! Does this mean I will need youtube for an anime fix?! Hell No… Damage control… Ok, substitute stuff for posts as usual then. [...]

Wallpaper: Midair Refuelling

Tired… body hurts… no talk today… Souka’s big wallpaper instead…

Temp coverage

Sorry to say, but I’ll be working this weekend, so don’t expect to see me around much… Kyaah~! Saw the new Mina Majikana figurine over at Urban attic. First reaction: KYAAH~! What’s this??? Second reaction: Uguu~… I want… Third reaction (upon learning the price): *Drops dead* Choke! Choke! Darn, it costs a whopping $142… That’s [...]