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Pre Spring Arrival Party! Geishun Haru?

YAY! It’s just a few days off till April arrives! And I bet you all know what that means… Ok, for those who don’t, it heralds the arrival of the Spring season. And with the new season comes a new batch of new animes. Yay! Celebration time.

Starlight Breakers make for fun shooting

Yes, as promised, I got the upload address for the game. The fact that I uploaded at YSI should show what the filesize roughly is. Game Title : Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku STG Genre : Shooter Doujin Game

Wallpaper: Hayate 01

Well, sorry for a … uninteresting title then. But then again, for a game rip picture, what can you expect? Yes, it’s Hayate Yagami from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s. Doujin work of course, but what isn’t, these days. So much is doujin. Well, I guess I can live with that. So long as there [...]

Wallpaper: Fire Salvo

Ok, new wallpaper today. Has it been too long since the last one? Nah, no such thing… Today it’s the little loli decked out in green, Yu-ri chan. The wallpaper is called Fire Salvo, and a bit obvious why (as with most others…). Too bad Yu-ri doesn’t have green hair, if not I can just [...]

Higurashi Kill Counter

Oh, lolz, I just finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni recently… so what do I do? Make a tally sheet of the number of times each character dies in the show, lolz… Type -cson while watching Higurashi? Lolz, but it wouldn’t quite work, will it? Never fear. I’ve got a list of the kills [...]

Happy Birthday to me…

YAY! It’s my birthday! Celebrate! Let loose the party poppers! Hmm, what should I do to celebrate the occasion, lolz? Yes, I do realize a real party will be crowded… and messy… so forget it, lolz. Yea, but seriously, what I’m going to do later is to go down to KKnM and see if they [...]

UA Sale Notice

Er, yea, Weiye of the friendly figurine shop at the fifth floor of Funan is having a sale once more. This would be the second installment of his quarterly shock sales. Well, I told you guys about the first one, and most of the details about this rounds one ought to be roughly the same… [...]

Wallpaper: Nebulae Strider

Well, yea, I said that I would put up one of my own experimental wallpapers, yes? Ok, here it is then. My guess is that the render comes from Zone of Enders (it’s a game, yes?), but I’m not sure, since I didn’t make it myself. The background, I just played around a bit till [...]

Wallpaper: Swimming

Ok, time to break my silence once more. Here a new wallpaper for everyone. Today’s wallpaper is called Swimming. It features the deep, dark Hisoka. Lolz, you should read the text that was running through while the CG was on. Highly amusing. Fishing while not just on duty, in actual battle… News: Yes, I was [...]