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Kimi ga Nozumu Eien Series Review

Kyaah~! Now I’ve been reminded why I don’t watch sappy love stories… They’re just too saddening. I can’t take it… ONOZ! Bad omens… I just hope Sola doesn’t leave me wanting to cry as well… First up, before you read on, please keep in mind that this happens to be the first Kimi ga Nozumu [...]

Wallpaper: Nakoruru & New Image Pack

See my banner up there? Yea, I’ve been using it since the start, right? I need to change it sooner or later I guess. But that’s not the main point. I used a small render to make that banner originally, but now I found myself a wallpaper sized version of that very same picture. YAY! [...]

Wallpaper : Infiltration

Well, well, it’s a busy weekend for me, so I have a few half finished posts piling up behind me. Don’t worry, I think I should be able to finish them up on Sunday then post them over the next week. Anyway, on to the real topic at hand. Today’s wallpaper is called Infiltration. Nei [...]

Moe Test

You know you are not moe when… : So look, hai is yes and ie is no in Japanese. Got it? And after that, you also have… : IYAADAA~~! : … … … : -_-; : Ok… That sounded so wrong coming from you…

Wallpaper: Seconds for Curry

Best to put up more walls or I will never finish putting up all the stock that I have stuck in my archives. This one is from Gadget Trial again. It’s called Seconds for Curry. It comes from the scene where the girls are having a break from the battle trials. One of my better [...]

Damage Control

Yes… I disappeared off the map for a while. Sorry for missing my last post. Recently, my computer seems to have developed some very fustrating problems with javascript, and now I can’t put images or hyperlinks in my posts, can’t comment on my own blog, and lots of other little angonies… I’ll try to fix [...]

Sader has a new friend?

Lolz, Daber… What the heck is going on… So much Fate Stay/Night merchandise to produce that some people got a headache or something? Oh well…

Message to Impz

Impz, I sincerely hope you are currently enjoying your ipod. However, as I must have missed you on AB IRC recently, I have yet to enquire whether you are really enjoying it. Oh, and about your order for the lolipod upgrade and pouch, yes, they should be ready soon. Just to confirm, you wanted the third [...]