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Guncannon’s Welcome Party

Whee! Today is the day I officially welcome Guncannon to R.A.W.R. Time to celebrate! (For those not in the know, Guncannon is the new (second, to be exact) writer here. He joined a couple pf weeks ago.) To start off, I’ll do something that seems pretty popular an idea. Post up his picture! Hehe, kidding, [...]

Phantasm Brigade

— Author : RDrake — I must admit. My first reaction to this scan was “What?!! Reimu is NOT flat chested??!!” Refer to つるぺったん for more info… Well, here is another album out by Silver Forest. I know. My last post was also about another of their albums. I just thought, why not have two [...]

Touhou Arrange Album

— Author : RDrake — About a week ago, NEET put up a torrent for the Touhou Arrange Album by Silver Forest on Tokyo Tosho. For those of you who missed it out, well… It’s pretty… interesting an album, I think. Touhou has some good music… Just to go through a couple of the nicer [...]

Starcraft 2

— Author : Guncannon — As some of you would have probably heard of it by now, Blizzard has officially announced Starcraft 2 in their WWI event held in Korea. Sources: IGN, Gamemeca From these two sources combined, it would appears that the announcement is genuine. But as I can’t help but feel that some [...]

Hinagiku has a nice smile…

Finally finished reading volume 10 of Hayate no Gotoku recently. And I found something really interesting. Since I figure that I’m ahead of the pack, (I bought volume 10 when it was a new release less than a week ago,) I think I’ll put up something interesting. The original image size is a very convenient [...]

Muv Luv Altered Fable

Name: Muv Luv Altered Fable / マブラヴ ALTERED FABLE Game Type: Visual Novel Website: Release date: Planned for summer release Summary: The final chapter to Muv Luv Alternative, also known as Final Extra. The main section of the game, or the “adventure game” as they chose to call it, is named かがやく時空が消えぬ間に, or roughly [...]

RDrake is away…

No post this weekend. RDrake is away reading volumes 9 and 10 of the Hayate no Gotoku manga. Because he will be reading in Chinese (Simplified), his read speed effectively drop to roughly half, and thus he’ll be using alot of time for two mere volumes. Please bear with this leave of absence. In the [...]

Art Style makes a difference

Earlier today in #AB, kur0gan3 apparently picked up this picture of Hiiragi Kagami of Lucky Star, which he called All Woman Kagami (Don’t ask me why). Later on, he continued, saying that he was being enaptured (s.i.c.) by this very picture. Here, I’ll put it up to show you… Original Source : Eh, I [...]