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Touka Gettan walls

Today, I have a nice package. Touka Gettan wallpapers… Ok, fine, I know most people won’t be following the anime on account of not being able to figure out a show that goes backwards in time. (Look, you guys handled Haruhi, so what’s the problem now?) But Carnelian has good art, no way around that… [...]

Hilarious translating

Hmm, I decided I couldn’t resist putting these two examples of HOW SUBBING SHOULD NOT BE DONE up after all. Just too funny to resist… By the way, for those who want to know, this is taken from a.f.k.’s subbing of Lucky Star episode 8. TSUNDERE == BIPOLAR?!! NANI?? Wow, that’s nice. I wonder how [...]

Little Busters OP Single

— Author : RDrake — Hmm, just decided to do this to coincide with Guncannon’s post. Quite a while ago, Moe released the Little Busters OP single. As Guncannon has said, it’s called Little Busters as well and sung by Rita. Here’s the tracklist: 01.Little Busters! 02. 遥か彼方 03.Alicemagic 04.Little Busters! -off vocal- 05.遥か彼方 -off [...]

Little Busters! introduction and demo summary

Name: Little Busters! / リトルバスターズ! Genre: Romance Adventure Game Official release date: 27th July, 2007 Price: 8800 yen Compatible OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Media: DVD-ROM Company: Key