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wtf? Tank in CCS 1st movie?

Author: —Guncannon— Title is self-explainatory. Long story cut really short, I have been hooked to CCS lately due to a few people’s hard-selling it on the #AB channel. Since the 1st movie was based in Hong Kong and I am from there, I was paying a lot of attention to the background and stuff, which [...]

Sola – Matsuri Wallpapers

Author: — RDrake — Hmm, took the Matsuri wallpapers out of a huge wallpaper pack off Tokyo Tosho. Sorry but I can’t read/find the credits on them, so I don’t know where to link to… Anyways, here they are…

Sola’s ending Part 2

Author: —RDrake— Hehe, the first post on Sola’s ending focused on techniques of a good ending. However, it seems from the comments that people think the ending sucked because Yorito and Matsuri died… Seriously, Sola is not a harem anime where haremites are not supposed to die… Goodbye, Matsuri. You will be dearly missed… Well, [...]

On Sola and endings

Author: —RDrake— Well, Sola has ended… (Oh the pain…) Ok, I’ll do a series review later on, today I’m writing a commentatory on how Sola’s ending turned out to be… Aono. May you live a good life as a normal human now… Warning : This post is written for those who have actually watched Sola [...]

Secret of Evangelion review

Name: Secret of Evangelion / シークレット・オブ・エヴァンゲリオン Release date: 2007/6/28 Price: 5040 yen Genre: Adventure game Console: PSP

Little Busters! + Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book + Lucky Star goodies

So, I bought a couple of things today while raiding my usual otaku spots. There are three things that I will be covering in this post. Number one, G’s Festival August Edition (ジーズフェスティバル 08月号). Number two, Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book. Number three, Comp Ace August Edition (コンプ エース08月号).