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KKnM Chara Fest 2007

Meh, is this some sort of massive sale coming up with lots and lots of rare items? Well, whatever it is, it seems intereting. Anyway, it’s barely 11 days away now, so really, I ought to be putting up an early notice for all other noobs-to-this-event to prepare for it… Oh, here’s KKnM’s promotional banner!

More ODEX Madness? Stop the flaming. Please.

I certainly didn’t see this coming. ODEX has a new wave of HATE coming for it… According to this, it appears that Hardware Zone forumers have found the identity of someone who was gloating about sueing people. Turns out the culprit was none other than Stephen Sing (For those not yet in the know, he’s [...]

How to identify this?

Yea, well, Doujin Work has been out for a few episodes now, and one thing has been bugging me a little. Does anyone know what is this? Well, see, I used think it was an eraser during ep 1 and 2, but closer examination shows that it’s not… so, just what is it? it’s cute, [...]

Hayate 18 Hinagiku Screencaps

Uguu~ I fell for it. I ended up taking screenshots of Hinagiku throughout the ep… Ctrl Alt S !!!