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Mangaka and Seiyuu Courses

77 STAR Pte Ltd is offering course for aspiring mangaka and seiyuu. If you’ve ever been ambitious enough to try for a career in any of these two fields, then go ahead and try the course. I haven’t actually wrote anything about the earlier courses yet, but from what I’ve been hearing, some of them [...]

Hi all, Rakugakid here

I have just been added as a writer on R.A.W.R and I think it is best for me to do an introduction first. Firstly, I am a noobie so my posts are really random. My niche is generally being random. Though, most of the time I would complain about not having enough money to buy [...]


Lol, apparently there was this virus flying around peer to peer programs like Winny yesterday. The virus features a picture of Kyou grabbing Tomoya’s tie while it goes around your hard drive burning up all your data. Evil Kyou FTW! (Obviously I didn’t get burnt…) Well, the funny part is that the creator of the [...]