The year of the loli

Well, it seems that there’s been an interesting start to the new year. We are being SPAMMED by shows with lolis. Something must be happening in Japan, I guess. Lolifest… Haha, lol…

Impz must be squirming in his chair…

List of shows featuring doses of lolis:

Saint October. Feat. Kotoko, Impz’s favorite green haired loli. Getting mixed feelings on this one so I’ll probably wait for an english sub.

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight. Feat. a whole school of lolis. Yes, I’ld say that they’re lolis alright. r0r, the guy who commented at THAT saying that they’re not lolis, must be in serious needĀ of glasses…or contact lens, if that suits him.

Hidamari Sketch. Feat. another bunch o’ lolis. This one I probably won’t pick up.

Shuffle! Memories. Feat. Primula and her adorable little neko plushie. I remember someone on AB IRC asking if Primula is holding the neko plushie when she gets… KYAAH~! OMG!! YOU SICK FREAK!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! *Rankendrake prepares the flamethrower…and on second thought, the desu noto as well.* Primula will be protected! MOE!

Well, I guess that’s quite a bit of loli for everyone to enjoy. I’m not a lolicon myself so I don’t see all of the fuss, but MANABI STRAIGHT IS ULTRA KAWAII DESU!!!

Well, that’s it for now. Cya guys later.

Oh, and remember, lol is for lolicon!

3 Responses to “The year of the loli”

  1. Yes it is a loli-fest indeed. I personally think its fine, but its kinda scary…either that or being spammed with a lot of shounen-ai/shoujo-ai type animes. We’ll I guess each year is different. Not to mention there is at least 1-2 H-anime release every month (if you check AniDB’s calendar). Well I guess we can expect a lot of surprises this year with the loli and the craziness and all. Either it will be a cute loli type thing or some extremely lolirific ecchi type thing. The only actual series that I’m really keeping an eye on is the Shana movie…everything else I put off downloading or not care…(which is happening to everything else) xD

  2. Loli’s = win

    Loli harem = win x99999999999999^9999999999999999999

  3. lol is for lolicon? omfglol :lol: