[Rakugakid] Time to create havoc, Not

To my understanding, Rdrake has gone for his training and since the boss is not around I guess it would be a good time to create havoc. Well, not quite. In my own blog, I have expressed that I am feeling bitter right now but I didn’t state the reasons. Since its much secluded here, I guess I can have a small rant session.

First up, a random picture, and the following pictures would also not be related

I got quite addicted to Tower defense and started seeing mazes everywhere. Anyway, I am still very unhappy about being unable to go for the Japan trip organized by my school. Even though I wished that their plane would encounter problems or that their bus would meet with an accident nothing happened. T___T Seems that I am not cut out to be a Gigalomaniac. The only thing which managed to calm me down slightly was that they were not able to make it to the 6 storey anime shop which one of the teacher promised, due to time constrain. Though, a 6 storey anime shop is really no big deal in my opinion. I have seen higher buildings selling anime products in Hong Kong.

Intermission : Cactuar <3

Anyway yeah, if I could have gone for the trip, there was a possibility that I wouldn’t give a dam about anime. The experience would have been enough. Oh well, the trip is over and whats done cannot be undone… Or maybe if I have a time machine, I would travel back to the past and switch places with one of the person who is going for the trip.

Oh yeah, EOY should be over by now

Just side tracking a little, I found it no point to go to EOY because it was an epic waste of time and money, and even though it is held one stop away from my house, I found absolutely no point in going as nothing good would probabaly come out of it. Singapore cosplayers are full of failplay in any case. I have yet to see a decent cosplayer, one of the reason could be that I avert my eyes away from Singaporean Cosplayers. As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. After the EOY two years ago, I found no point in going to EOY ever again. Though, Cosfest is another thing.

This totally changed my definition of benches

One reason why Cosfest is a better option than EOY is because it is free and doesn’t cause as much eyes burn. Though, Cosfest is usually dam crowded and packed, but EOY would probably be the same.

A parked bicycle right below a no parking sign

Maybe I should also be defiant, as shown in the picture. The GP department in charge of the trip gave us a hell lot of homework for the holidays. I guess I would not do them. The reading log which was due over a month ago still rests on my desktop, the article that is.

OK, I guess that was a long enough rant. I still have work tomorrow and there’s some stuff which I still need to clear up so I shall take my leave.

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  1. http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p218/rakugakid/DSC00033.jpg
    I dont get it.. ;_;

  2. Hahaha, lol. It’s a maze, get it? People go in through one end, take a while to get to the other. In the meantime, you plant towers on those tables to shoot at them.