[Rakugakid] Another short post

PRINCESS is one of my favourite songs but its not related

I never heard of this anime (at least, I think it is an anime) but I think that person is a trap. For those who know the truth good for you, however, from two other fans which shares the same title I managed to discriminate two traps thus making me wary of this third one. Anyway, I have to stop here if not this would no longer be a short post. =)

2 Responses to “[Rakugakid] Another short post”

  1. Hello Rakugakid,

    I have been reading your blog and it is very interesting~
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  2. Hi Seraph,

    I am okay with exchanging banners (I really hope you check back because I don’t have the habit of typing emails) If you have any other queries, perhaps you could email me at ezovex@hotmail.com instead and I will reply as soon as possible. =)