Koihime Musou Series Review

This review was written by Morthoseth of AMP3s and published here with permission

Anime: Koihime Muso
Episodes: 12
Released: 2008
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action, Slight Ecchi

This anime is an adaptation of a Japanese adult visual novel called Koihime Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi which is loosely based on the famous Chinese novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, the anime does not dwell into the complexities of the Chinese novel at all; instead, it focuses on the travels and adventures of a young beautiful black-haired warrior named Kan’u as she journeys throughout China. She is alone at the start of the anime but is soon quickly joined by other companions on her travels.

I absolutely love an anime which can make me smile or laugh easily and this anime did just that for me. Some of the funniest moments are when the characters are turned “chibi” for a brief humorous skit or the subtle “yuri” jokes and teasing moments which happens among the characters. This anime was really fun to watch and overall it has a very light tone so it was very easy to get into it. The comedy aspect of the anime is complimented by some very nice battle scenes. If you’re a veteran of action and adventure anime then this anime probably won’t offer anything relatively new to you but some of the fights are quite interesting to watch, especially toward the end when Kan’u joins a resistance group. The ending of the anime also left me with the impression that a second season could easily be adapted and I hope to see one in the future.

Personally, I absolutely loved the characters and humor in this anime–they were my favorite aspects–so I’m giving it a B+ and recommending it to anyone who likes to watch anime of this type. Watching anime is meant to be fun and this one is an excellent example.

4 Responses to “Koihime Musou Series Review”

  1. I dunno, that whole Sousou (Caocao) x Kannu (Guanyu) scene was pretty high on the ecchi scale to me. But yeah, it’s an enjoyable watch; not worth rewatching anytime soon though.

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  3. It’s based on the same thing that Ikkitousen is. There’s not as much violence & it’s not as perverted though. It still has a significant amount of fanservice though, that includes nudity. I’m almost done watching season 1, and I’ll watch season 2 titled “Shin Koihime Musou” when I’m finished. The little girl with the red hair who’s name escapes me (Chouhi? Chousu? Lin Lin? something like that) is pretty funny… she keeps me coming back for more laughs. The artist isn’t that great compared to most other animes, the characters are just cute. Like I said, the little girl with the red hair is funny, & other characters have some major cleavage going on. It’s pretty straightforward. Desrves more popularity than it currently has, for sure.

  4. deserves*