April Fool’s day is lol…

Here we are at April Fool’s Day again. April 1st, and the madness begins once more…

No, I’m not as stupid as Kana that I’ll fall for the same tricks year after year.

I’m just going to go rant a little. Personally, I don’t quite see the fun in all the crazy sudden site revamps, closing downs, blah blah etc… that happens on this day every year. Well, it certainly works on first timers, but to someone who has been hanging around the anime side of the internet for a few years, this sort of thing gets old really quick.

Granted, it might be a whole lot of fun to play a trick on the unsuspecting, but it’s also a major disruptance to many people. Sometimes, they see things and take them for real, and then their whole day gets ruined. Things they might have been planning to do might also get pushed out of their calendar because some sites decided to play dead for a day.

Then there are also the jokes that go too far. The ones that cause major flame wars between multiple parties who don’t even realize the truth. These kind of stuff can do some pretty serious damage to the inter-woven relationships between internet users. Most commonly expressed in places like forums, the insults thrown around can be quite hard to take back, even though posts can be deleted…

Still, at the end of the day, I don’t intend to spoil someone’s idea of fun. It’s not my place. The reason why people tend to get worked up over these April Fool’s pranks is probably because they have learnt to take the internet and the online service provided by other people for granted. They think things will stay the same stable status quo forever. Well, good luck to them. The world isn’t so easy a place.

4 Responses to “April Fool’s day is lol…”

  1. I know right, sometimes it’s really annoying. But sometimes it’s just plain funny. xD

  2. WAY TO GO!! > . <
    Honestly i can’t stand you americans with your tradition of teh aprils fools; It’s kinda silly for me, but well im a beaner.

  3. good day

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  4. omg u are fail, totally depressed after one single april fools that failed? LOL