Tell me some stories

While gg fansubs has just released (at time of writing) Code Geass episode 14, there’s just something about episode 13 that I want to ask first.

Anyone remember the insert song in the middle of episode 13? The part where Kallen is talking to Lelouch just before the battle with the Britannian forces?

Based on the Code Geass OST, that song is called Stories, and is sung by Hitomi (Kyaah~! My favorite!) As a song in itself, I think it’s really quite good, and have been listening to it on loop on the way back from school for the past few days.

What I want to know, however is what is the significance of leaving it right smack in that particular scene. Personally, I felt that the song didn’t quite fit into the mood at that point. Another piece of music could easily have done equally well, or even better.

Most likely, it’s got something to do with the lyrics. I haven’t the time to really search out the lyrics of this song right now, so I’ll do it later. For those who can read Japanese, well, I’ll leave the scan from the OST here for you guys. Hopefully someone will be able to clarify things a little.

Well, the scan really is a little big to just leave here, and resizing it might shrink the words into obscurity. Thus I can only leave a link, sadly…

3 Responses to “Tell me some stories”

  1. I personally think Hitomi’s song in Code Geass are her weakest from what I heard (Last Exile, Planetes and GunxSword). Masquerade is IMHO even more out of place in episode 14. 0_0

  2. The insert songs are just weird….Masquerade is a cool song, but it was randomly thrown I think. The setting feels weird with the insert songs. Oh well episode 14 was pretty good (read my blog for my summary, thought and whatnots)

    P.S. Thanks to you I found out [GG] released episode 14 xD

  3. I guess my problem is that I’m partly comparing her Code Geass insert songs with her own albums rather than with other anime singles. The albums have quite alot of songs I’m not particularly fond of.

    But seriously, like DarkDragon said, it feels totally out of place in that scene…