Renders are back while Impzen 4koma have just popped up

Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me I left something back at wordpress? Sheesh, it took me so long to realize it myself.

Anyway, I finally remembered to bring over the render page from Have to admit that it really didn’t take much effort… The link is over there on the right.——->

To celebrate, I’ll put up another render later when I get home (using a school computer now, and I have yet to upload the render. I think…) I believe this new one comes from Dragon Quest? I’m really not sure, proof of how muddled I am when it comes to things like images.

Oh, and anyone seen the wonderful new blog set up by Lupus to display the proud creation of, Impz the Trap? So far we’ve got a few pieces of webcomics set up snugly at . I forsee some amount of grief from Impz and much fun, laughter, peace, and joy from everyone else over the place. Heck, who knows, I might contribute some stick figure comics from time to time…

2 Responses to “Renders are back while Impzen 4koma have just popped up”


    Anyways…I don’t get it… =P

    The ‘This is a Scale’ part was pretty funny though just because it didn’t seem like it went with anything >.> Random-ness is a good thing. Looking ‘forward’ to seeing more?
    (I have a feeling I will fall for yet another trap out of the handful of traps…Bridget was the first then Haku then Jun now this T-T Why do people insist on doing this >

  2. Erm, Impz is a real guy amongst the AB team, you know… Check the link on my blogroll for THAT…