Render: Nei Ninja Scout

Yea, yea, sorry. I’m still down. Worse, I think my bittorrent is failing… Oh wait, it already has… Means that the next few days are mainly damage control and repair works…

ONOZ!! Does this mean I will need youtube for an anime fix?! Hell No… Damage control…

Ok, substitute stuff for posts as usual then. Today, thanks to a request from Hikago on AB IRC, I quickly got this one rushed out. 

3 Responses to “Render: Nei Ninja Scout”

  1. :3
    Good stuff, rdrake! Thanks for the quick render =D
    Ninja Nei is hawt. ^^

  2. Glad you like it.

    The two sashes at the back made for alot of unhappy work… :(

  3. kawaii….