Render: Yu-ri Artillery

Well, I said a few days ago that my internet connection went haywire. Yes, that’s because I just got a new router. I wireless one. It took some time for me to stabilize it, but YES! it’s been done. Unfortunately, not before I accumulated some backlog of watching to do. This means that there will still be no anime stuff for a few more days… Sorry to disappoint, but yea, technical problems really suck. Coming up next week probably is write-ups on Azumanga Daioh (I’m roughly two thirds through the series) and Baldr Force EXE Resolution.

Other news: I finally did it. Thanks to the pressure from AB IRC (Thanks alot, you guys… *heavy… dripping with sarcasm*), I went to buy the Nanoha VCDs. I would have got it earlier if the stock had not suddenly disappeared from all the shops! (I’m serious, I checked a few of the Poh Kim outlets, none had it…).

Ok, today’s render is Yu-ri. The long range combat loli…

7 Responses to “Render: Yu-ri Artillery”

  1. kawaii….again…. (nothing else to say xD)

  2. Aww, nothing else to say? Well, you could say thanks, lol… So I don’t quite do all this hard work for nothing…

    Lolol, that sounds way too ego for me…

  3. Hi. I don’t know you personally, but I really love your anime renders. You said on your render collection page that you didn’t mind people making use of them, so long as they gave you credit. I hope its OK.

    I’m surprised the banner won’t load for you. It looks fine on both IE and FF for me… Weird.

  4. Oh, hey, What do you know. It’s working now. Looks great, and good work with the shadow there.

    Sigh… The most rewarding part about renders isn’t just finishing them, it’s watching other people make use of them well…

    Go ahead and use more if you want. It’s absolutely fine by me.

  5. hi there, rdrake. Nice renders keep it up ^^.

  6. lolicon :|

  7. Kyaah~! What the heck, tedfox? I AM NOT A LOLICON. Neither am I a loli, although based on LSS’s wb I am, but that doesn’t count.

    Next time I see you, remind me to give you a surprise…