Well… I was intending to write up something about Azumanga Daioh, having just finished watching it. However, I also went ahead and watched the first 17 and a half minutes of Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha. That was yesterday…

As a result, I’m currently in a semi-zombified state… Oh, goodness. I must have spent the day in school going around looking like Sakaki when next to Tadakichi…

Well, it could have worse, I guess. Much worse. Take this for an example of how much worse it could get… See? At least I’m alive. Nanoha the unwitting murderer?

And to think that Nanoha is what? In third grade? That would be… primary 3… making her… what, 9 years old? Kyaah~! I’m being defeated by someone close to half my age!!!

Well, now I need to prove that I’m still pretty well off. Time to take a walk…

*RDrake stands up and walks around… … … …right into a solid wall*

*Transmission terminated*

6 Responses to “KYAAH~! MOE OVERLOAD!”

  1. Didn’t I say something about lolicon!

    And no threatening with violence just cause you’re big in size!

  2. Btw… have you watched manabi straight yet

  3. No. No to all you accuse me of. Including the Manabi Straight part…

    Don’t make me threaten you with violence!

  4. oh noes Nanoha strikes again *gasp* I much prefer Hayate from Nanoha A’s. MUST WATCH!!

  5. If you say that watching any portion of Nanoha was a mistake, I declare that you’ve made the best mistake you’ve had in your life thus far. ;)

  6. What is this “lolicon” ordeal TedFox is amusingly accusing you of? :P