Wallpaper: Fire!

Happy Chinese New Year people. Meh, sorry but no celebratory pics for you unlike everyone else who seemingly have one for every occasion.

I’ll be gone for the long weekend holiday collecting hong bao money and pigging out on roast pork (Oh, wow, reminds me of the no pork joke again…) so I had better leave something for those render/wallpaper hungry out there, lol. I’m also half way through a small write up on Azumanga Daioh, so it’ll be up when I return.

Ok, this would be the very first screenshot I took, just not the first to come up here. What I really like about it is the autumnal colour blend… Hmm, doesn’t match the season at the moment since it’s supposed to be spring right now but… who cares!

2 Responses to “Wallpaper: Fire!”

  1. loli again! looks loli to me. I’d love some manabi wall papers!

    Happy CNY!!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year man!!! I’ll see u again when the time comes xd