Wallpaper: Primitive Link

New wallpaper today. And guess what, it’s not actually from Gadget Trial this time… What’s with the shock, did people actually believe I’ld stay on that forever? Please…

Well, I don’t exactly have alot of info for this one, sad to say. On a quick, random quest to find nice new pics for you people (yes, I actually do some work to maintain this place) I found this one. I thought it was pretty cute, interesting,… and useful? So I just took it and put it up here. Apparently it’s from something called Primitive Link. Given that I haven’t heard of such an anime, I’m willing to bet it’s either a manga or… never mind.

About the dimensions of this wall paper… a bit strange, I must say, so it probably wasn’t meant to be a wallpaper in the first place… Instead of the normal 1024 X 768, this one is 1024 X 614. Well, since the sizes gets cut a bit by photobucket, it shouldn’t matter too much.

Well anyways, Chinese New Year is finally over, or at least the main part of it is… NO MORE FOOD!!! WHY?!!! And yes, to all those who did celebrate it and got themselves some free cash, spend it wisely, yea? Not that I’m suggesting anything…

7 Responses to “Wallpaper: Primitive Link”

  1. Yup, its an eroge ^__________^
    Made by Purple: http://www.purplesoftware.jp/

    How do I know this? ^^; I like to collect eroge music as there’s some pretty good stuff out there (eg. Kanon and Air OPs were originally eroge OPs =P).

  2. Well, I see… Ok, then can you tell me if the music for this is any good, hehe?

  3. from lolis to eroges…….

    spending money wisely = figurines

  4. The music is okay, its nothing really memorable but pleasant enough for me to have kept.
    When I have time to upload it (in 8hours) I’ll post the yousendit link here I guess.

  5. Here you go:

  6. @ Tedfox : Not another snide comment… It’s as if you are totally capable of finding fault in all of my posts…

    @ Hikago : Thanks alot… YAY! It’s by Hashimoto Miyuki! Add to collection!

  7. Yay! Finally over with part 1 of the whole chinese new year celebration. *sigh* Anyways I don’t think I got much for new year so not much to spend wisely on *sigh* Also considering I haven’t heard of Primitive Link it is most likely an eroge. If not just some doujin-soft thing. oh well (yay ramble)