Azumanga Daioh Review

Bought a new figurine today. Actually, that was kinda unexpected. TJ Han called me halfway through the day to tell me the guy who got Dokuro chan first couldn’t make it and asked if I wanted it in his place. Of course I accepted, what else… Now I’m going to be hard pressed to buy anime DVDs. Well, I’ll get through somehow, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the first anime series review I’ve written since moving here. Kinda late, but better late than never. I do, though, intend to try shift over my older reviews from the wordpress site, but most likely they’ll be put as pages rather than new posts which I’ll spam over here, lolz…
Azumanga Daioh Review:

Azumanga Daioh basically follows the lives of of a group of high school girls and their adventures in school and beyond. With a whole set of wacky and distinct characters, there’s no end to the chaos. There’s Osaka (not her real name, which happens to be Kasuga Ayumu) who comes from Osaka (where else…) and has a funny way of thinking. Next is Chiyo, the genius who is 6 years younger than everyone else, and so cute she smothers those surrounding her with her cuteness. Tomoe is the energetic fool, who though appears to be very active, can hardly do anything right. Studious Yomi, smart and intelligent, she appears to be skilled in everything… or is she? Sakaki, who is enamored with little cute animals… and is always attacked by those cute (killer) kitties she adores. Minor character Kaorin, who doesn’t appear much, but gets some of the more funny scenes. Also there’s Kagura, the sportswoman, who is always looking for a competition… Don’t forget the three main teachers. Yukari, who teaches english, but doesn’t act like a teacher. Nyamo (also not her real name, but you’re more likely to hear this one…), Yukari’s best friend a maybe the most popular teacher around. Lastly, we have Kimura… he’s the erm… weird one…

(Note: I didn’t just copy this overview off the VCD box. I wrote it myself, ok? It’s just that the style of Azumanga Daioh warrants a character introduction rather than a outright plot summary…)

As my note earlier should have phrased somewhat eloquently, there isn’t all that much of a storyline to speak of. Azumanga goes around on a day to day basis, and few things carry from one episode to another. Main highlights though, are the festivals, holidays to the beach during summer, and sports days. Yes, since those are annual events, there’s more than one each through the series. Other… interesting topics include Sakaki and the killer kitties, exams, competition between Yukari and Nyamo, Yukari’s driving, Kaorin’s crush on Sakaki and her fear of Kimura… so on. Note that each episode covers an array of such topics rather than focus on one per topic…

Art and animation:
Well, a mega comedy act like Azumanga doesn’t really need great graphics, so yea, it would have been a bonus. Still, I found the style and tone very much in line with the whole humourous atmosphere and thus to my liking. I mean, crayon pastel colours give off a very bubbly, happy feeling, don’t they?

Hmm, generally BGM type music centered around the same theme and melody. As for the OP ED, both were by Oranges & Lemons (Never heard of them though) and I think they were pretty well done, with Sora Mimi Cake (the OP) pretty much summing up the (outrageously random) spirit of the whole series. And the ED, Raspberry Heaven, was nice and soothing, just what you need when you’re sides are hurting from all the laughter…

Other points:
One thing to note though, Azumanga Daioh is a relatively slow series. Even though there isn’t a real plot to develop and follow, it’s really slow. How? Well, it’s quite repetitive, for one. People like Osaka can repeat the same thing maybe 3 times or more, lolz. Well, while I like that in an anime at times when it helps the humour, it probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so people may mark the show down for that. It’s up to them I guess.

On the whole, Azumanga Daioh is a pretty good comedy, humour anime, and worth your time. It’s licensed already, so don’t go try download it. Whether or not it’s worth your money, well, that one depends alot on personal taste, I guess… I’ll give the series a 7.5/10, but that’s quite variable…

6 Responses to “Azumanga Daioh Review”

  1. I like AD for it being fairly relaxed. It’s one of those where I can pick up where I have nothing better to do, and it’ll still be a good time spent.

    You need to start doing figurine photoshoots!

  2. My phototaking skills are teh suck. Why did you think I never bothered after the first one, lolz? Maybe I will if I can borrow my cousin’s camera, which from it’s size and pro-ness I suspect to be a DSLR…

  3. Azumanga Daioh! I loved it so much I watched it like 3 times … If u like it maybe you might like Yotsubato! too .. I think its even funier

  4. Have you ever wondered why is Azumanga a seinen, not a shoujo?

  5. Eh? You mean Azumanga is meant to be a shoujo? Impossible! The humour is obviously for grown ups… Not little girls lusting for romance.

  6. Saying this is probably pointless, but I do not know what possessed the world to think azumanga daoih was funny! I was hesitant to see it since reviewers noted it had zilch plot line, but I decided to go for the humor. I may have a different sense of humor than most people, but out of all the animes I’ve watched (a whole lot too) it is the only (yes only, as in uno) anime that I did not get a single laugh at. The complete dullness and blandness sickened me. I continued on, hoping it would get better, but it didn’t. There was absolutely nothing funny about it, and since humor is well known to be the only redeeming factor, all I’m left with is a sh&*tload of wasted bandwith, hard disk space, time, and worst of all psychological trauma. Obviously a lot of people thought it was super funny, but the reason continues to elude me.