Wallpaper: Nebulae Strider

Well, yea, I said that I would put up one of my own experimental wallpapers, yes? Ok, here it is then. My guess is that the render comes from Zone of Enders (it’s a game, yes?), but I’m not sure, since I didn’t make it myself. The background, I just played around a bit till it looked decent.

What I couldn’t fix up very well was mainly the fact that the brushes I was using were a little… oversized. So yes, you may notice the background to be a little messy, rough, uncut, and boxy, even.

Another complaint I got about this wallpaper was that the center was a little distracting, and took attention away from the mecha part in the left. Yea, I guess that certainly is true. I’ll keep that in mind the next one I make…

One Response to “Wallpaper: Nebulae Strider”

  1. Depends on your personal taste i guess. For me, as long as I can still see my desktop icons. haha