Happy Birthday to me…

YAY! It’s my birthday! Celebrate! Let loose the party poppers!

Hmm, what should I do to celebrate the occasion, lolz?

Yes, I do realize a real party will be crowded… and messy… so forget it, lolz.

Yea, but seriously, what I’m going to do later is to go down to KKnM and see if they have any good new handphone straps for sale. I think I need a new one. Nekoarc broke the other day… sob… Most likely I will get a Nanoha one… And then a week or so later, a Feito chan one to complete the set… Reminds me, must also get more chocolate for #AB’s Fate-chan too. That is one hungry bot…

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me…”

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday man!

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  4. Holy shitzor. Another year older and wiser.

    Happy belated birthday, man. ^_^

  5. 2 days late but HBBD Man!!! Which JC u go now? Must keep contact with ur old friends u noe ^_^.

  6. Belated happy birthday rdrake boi! How’ja feel being a year older???

  7. Happy Birthday. Sorry for the lateness. I kinda been dead on the blog scene for awhile.

    Ya, its a bit late >_>
    I blame ABnet:antenna for being down =(

  9. ooo even though its kinda abit late .. but still