Higurashi Kill Counter

Oh, lolz, I just finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni recently… so what do I do? Make a tally sheet of the number of times each character dies in the show, lolz…

Type -cson while watching Higurashi? Lolz, but it wouldn’t quite work, will it? Never fear. I’ve got a list of the kills right here…

Oh, by the way, I don’t count if kills occur twice in the same arc. This means that the matching question and answer arcs do not give two points to the same character. Just one…
Maebara Keiichi : II
Sonozaki Mion : III
Sonozaki Shion : I
Ryuuguu Rena “Kana, Kana” : II
Hojo Satoko – “Nii Nii” : II
Furude Rika – “Nipaa”: II
Fated Characters i.e. Tomitake and Takano : All the time… Every arc…
Oishii : I
Kimiyoshi : II
Sonozaki Oryou : II
Everyone else in Hinamizawa not already mentioned : I

Wow, lolz, looks like Mion has it good. She bites the dust every round of the game (short of Rena’s arc), more than the other main characters…

Oh, and discussion time. I just wanted to check something. Mion/Shion’s Watanagashi arc is the one arc which shows the greatest evidence of some sort of supernatural influence in things, true or false? Because at the end of the the Meiakashi (did I spell it right?) arc, a hand reaches out through the wall to Shion as she sits in her room. Also, as she returns to her room after stabbing Keiichi, something appears to pull and rip her shirt from behind, thus causing her to fall. It didn’t really seem accidental… Not to mention that if Shion died there and then, who was it who visited Keiichi in the hospital to finish him off, lolz?

Well, so what shall it be? Higurashi is due to a human conspiracy? Or the result of divine intervention? Oh well, it never did explain, did it? More Higurashi talk coming up next time…

2 Responses to “Higurashi Kill Counter”

  1. Everything is explained fairly satisfactorily in the final 2 story arcs that weren’t animated. Since a second season has already been announced from what I understand, better hope for it. ^_^

  2. Windyshoot Says:

    I think the hands reaching through the walls, was more or less Shion just being batshitty-ly dilusional. As for the vision of Satoshi, Shion was already pretty out of it then, but maybe it was really Satoshi, or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe Satoshi was actually alive then, anyways~We don’t know for certain if he’s dead or not, right?