Starlight Breakers make for fun shooting

Yes, as promised, I got the upload address for the game. The fact that I uploaded at YSI should show what the filesize roughly is.

Game Title : Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku STG
Genre : Shooter
Doujin Game


Controls are pretty simple. Arrow keys control movement, Z key is for normal shot, X key fires off a Starlight Breaker (Or if using Fate, then the Zanber), C key releases stored enegy gained from getting kills which fires off as missiles (homing for Nanoha, straight shot for Fate).

Difficulty levels come in a huge variety, from very easy to very hard. Start out at the bottom is my advice, unless you are good at this type of games anyway…

That’s about it, have fun…


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  1. Hmm, tried to download but why is the filename ageless love?

  2. What kinda javascript link is that? doesn’t work for me.

    but anyway, yah! the file downloaded is some mp3 ageless love!

  3. Hmm, crap, another mix up again? Ok, thanks for the heads up, will work on it, although I suspect I took the wrong link and put up the link for the mp3 jin sent me… Crappeth…

  4. Ok, done, the problem has been fixed. The given link now links to the correct URL. And yes, I tested it this time to make sure it was correct.

    Lolz, so those who came here in the past few hours got a free mp3? Oh well…

  5. Yup. works. the simplicity of the game boggles the mind

  6. nice game, this really makes me wanna watch Nanoha. ;)

  7. yup that was the game I was thinking about. The people who made that also made two H-doujin games for Ragnorak. One which is like bomberman and the other is like puyo-puyo fever. Kinda fun.

  8. Tedfox : Simple, but fun. What more can you ask for?

    Afuro : Hmm? You haven’t watched it yet? Go for it… P.S. Trade links?

    DarkDragon500 : I see… Do you know where to find them, by any chance?

  9. sure rdrake ;)

  10. [...] Once again, in lieu of an actual post, I come with a short ramble on a doujin game introduced to me by Rankendrake, titled Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku STG. I’ll probably be doing that Spring Season Anime post when the Spring Season actually starts, since I know Absolutely Nothing about most of the upcoming anime. (Well, except for StrikerS, which is slightly relevant to this post anyway.) [...]

  11. I was able to get the Puyo Puyo one, but I can’t find that bomberman one….Still looking around.

  12. Eh… the one i’ve downloaded was nanoha/haruhi stg… still a shooting game. Haruhi and Hayate needs to be unlocked before you can use them…

  13. Yeah I have that too….which is more faster and harder although I don’t care much on gameplay because I still suck at them…

  14. Kuro-puppy Says:

    thanks for the link, too bad it’s expired.

    Where did you get that download?

  15. Delicious Flat Chest Says:

    Fairly good, but sound glitches every second, no dialog, and graphics often fail. Also even on Very Easy difficulty bosses take almost 1 million hits before they die.

  16. Hello, I’m an avid Nanoha fan and I would like to download this game! Please refresh the link because it has expired. T_T Onegai!

  17. Ok, ok, I get the idea. I’ll refresh the link soon. I was trying to upload the whole game to FTP but due to problems on my computer, that is problematic. I’ll see what I can do within a week. Check back regularly for updates.

  18. xiaomayi Says:

    help me i wan download this game but it expired how?

  19. @ Anyone who wants the game : I said it before and I’ll say it again. Check Tokyo Toshokan .com if you want it real bad. As for an FTP upload I talked about, recent developments are looking good. It could be up by the end of the month…

  20. good_girl Says:

    hi, iv tryed to download the game but its expired and i cant get onto the website tokyo toshokan it just says that the net cant open it or somthin like that >

  21. good_girl Says:

    were abouts is this game on tokyo toshokan i cant find it >

  22. where can i download nanoha haruhi stg?

  23. please

    can anyone tell me where can i download nanoha haruhi stg?

  24. [...] [...]

  25. hi,i tried to download Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku STG but the link above ( says that the download link is invalid and there is no file associated with it.