Pre Spring Arrival Party! Geishun Haru?

YAY! It’s just a few days off till April arrives! And I bet you all know what that means… Ok, for those who don’t, it heralds the arrival of the Spring season. And with the new season comes a new batch of new animes. Yay! Celebration time.

And of the Spring seasons batch, the one show I am most excited about is this one. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. For once, I might break from tradition and watch raws…

For those who don’t know about Nanoha, I have yet to write a series review so I shall just take the lines from The Triad fansub… This one should be for Nanoha A’s, the second season.

(LordBrian) damn drago, write a description for nanoha a’s
(Dragosmore) wtf
(Dragosmore) no
(Dragosmore) ;o
(LordBrian) yes
(Dragosmore) yeah
(Kanna) just use that
(LordBrian) ok

Thank you The Triad Fansubs… *curtain falls…*

Well, yea, since it’s celebration time, I’m going to put a two Nanoha wallpaper rips today then. For those who miss them thanks to the title lacking an express sign saying Wallpaper, too bad… haha… Nah, it’ll reach the wallpapers page sooner or later…


3 Responses to “Pre Spring Arrival Party! Geishun Haru?”

  1. This year’s spring line up is pretty nice although I still gotta catch up with Winter’s and some of Fall’s orz. I hope StrikerS will be as good as A’s and Nanoha, but I’m also not getting too hopefully on it being good…I still dislike Nanoha’s StrikerS design…Nanoha still looks loli with a mature body…doesn’t work.

  2. I want my loli Nanoha back… Everyone can have their MILFate, but I think the girls are cuter as lolis…

  3. I personally like Hayate still. She maintained her cuteness which is good. Not to mention Reinforce in chibi mode is awesome. I don’t care much for Fate because she is the same, which doesn’t matter to me even though I do like Fate (and NANOHA!) equally. =D