First major post is BURNING!

I thought it would be interesting to start off the first major post of mine with a flame. Of course, the current target of choice would be ODEX, no matter how people are beginning to cool down and think things through carefully.

Ok, why do I still slam ODEX? Very well, I can get over their supposed involvement in setting IPOS onto anime downloaders, but one thing that has to be said to everyone first.


Yes, if you buy anything from ODEX, be sure to watch it fully in the time required to return the discs in case of a faulty product. For Poh Kim it’s about a week. Other smaller shops may have different time limits.

How do I know? Because I’ve been burnt by ODEX in this area before, and while I pretty much forgave forgot the bloody mess, it’s still unforgivable and must BE ELIMINATED from any new, future ODEX.

Maybe three years ago, I bought the full four sets of the Gundam Seed ODEX had for sale. Guess what? One of the discs was a duplicate, and it had replaced another disc. This meant I had two disc (let’s say) 1s while no disc 2. Thank goodness such a open error was quickly spotted and rectified by returning to the shop with receipt in hand.

I thought that was a one in a million occurence. Sadly, no. About a year ago. The same thing happened, but worse. I bought the boxset of Serial Experiments Lain. The discs were all numbered right, and so I was led to believe all was right in the world. When I got round to watching it later, I found out that the second last episode was working. It wouldn’t play no matter what I did. I got out of my chair, screamed WHAT THE FUCK, but realised that one week had already passed, and there was no way I could change the set for a working one.

Coincidentally (yes, yes, sarcasm), that happened to be the last boxset I bought from ODEX. That record still hangs, except I intend to buy a couple more boxsets in the near future.

So! Beware the EVIL! Check your purchases carefully.

Yes, I know, how in the world is one expected to watch an entire anime series in a week, when most of us, not being hikkikomoris (I’m putting blind faith in my readers here), have other real world time commitments? That’s why ODEX’s poor QC in UNACCEPTABLE! Movies just take 3 hours at most. And my mother, being a avid K/J-drama watcher has bought tons of serieses (certainly more than I’ve bought anime) which stretch longer because of the increased timeframe (double or more) yet never encountered my same problem nor fears it. (Proof that Blue Max PWNZ ODEX.)

Mutter, mutter, mutter. I have to go watch that second last episode by borrowing the VCR tape from the library…

2 Responses to “First major post is BURNING!”

  1. *gasps* Just don’t do something illegal like download fansub of it

  2. Again with the ODEX fiasco? Pretty much every angle has been discussed at the other blogs, so I won’t repeat them.

    The only VCDs I bought from them was KGNE a.k.a Rumbling Hearts and Boys Be. My only gripe is the misprint on the discs and non-translation of certain on-screen text. (Which were critical to the story).

    I’ve thought of buying “Daimond Dust Drops” and “Infinite Ryvus” since it’s dirt cheap right now.( I’ve already seen the fansubs) Plus, I’ve always wanted to help the local anime industry in any way.

    Sadly, they never finish their DVD range. I mean, who buys the 1st 13 eps first, while knowing the final 13 eps won’t be released? Then again, Kill Bill 2 DVD was allowed here, while Kill Bill DVD was banned outright…