Wallpaper: Nakoruru & New Image Pack

Yay, it's wallpaper sized now

See my banner up there? Yea, I’ve been using it since the start, right? I need to change it sooner or later I guess. But that’s not the main point. I used a small render to make that banner originally, but now I found myself a wallpaper sized version of that very same picture. YAY!

Recently I got myself a certain image pack floating around at Tokyo Tosho. (Exact name should be something like Samurai Spirits Nakoruru-Rimururu-Rera image set. Go search it out yourself if you are that interested.) It supposedly contains lots of art for Nakoruru and Rimururu from Samurai Spirits, two of my most favorite characters around…

I thought I saw the word “4chan” floating around the torrent and feared the worst, but after checking through the set, it’s mostly SFW stuff. (The ones that are not are thankfully seperated into another folder… Well, most of them were. Some sick crap slipped through the filter…)

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