Kimi ga Nozumu Eien Series Review

Kyaah~! Now I’ve been reminded why I don’t watch sappy love stories… They’re just too saddening. I can’t take it… ONOZ! Bad omens… I just hope Sola doesn’t leave me wanting to cry as well…

First up, before you read on, please keep in mind that this happens to be the first

Kimi ga Nozumu Eien


Japanese : 君が望む永遠 (Kimi ga Nozumu Eien)
English :Rumbling Hearts

Overview : Well, as one can expect, this show is one of those eroge to anime remakes. The plot is really complicated but if I try to explain now then it’s spoiling. Basically, it starts off as a high school love triangle where one of the girls get sent into coma by a car. After three years, she wakes up without knowing how long has passed. The other two of the triangle, who have been together the past three years now have to juggle the guilt and other feelings over their relationship.

Story and plot : Good, well paced, and well driven. Characters are also very well developed, over the course of the show too. In fact, the characters at the start and at the end are very different from each other.
Art and animation : The one thing that can’t go wrong for a good eroge remake. Well, it’s pretty good all the way through, no noticeable dips in quality here and there.

Sound and BGM : Hmm, it wasn’t all that impressionable, I guess. All OPs and EDs are by Kuribayashi Minami. Melodic stuff, for most part. BGM wise, most didn’t enter the picture much. Just as well. The plain feeling was enough since there’s alot of sadness flying around.

Overall : Well, it’s recommendable, I guess (after all, it was recommended to me…). And yea, now I know why it got rated NC16, lolz, the shock… But if you are feeling down, it’s not for you. It’ll just amplify the bad feelings.

4 Responses to “Kimi ga Nozumu Eien Series Review”

  1. Traumatising show. haha

  2. jinyamato Says:

    lol drae, you had the same reaction as me…..

  3. Im betting on Sola ending in a crazily emo way, though, so good luck with that :/

    *in a love-hate relationship with emo shows*

  4. Believe me, playing the eroge after you’ve seen the (indeed traumatising) anime feels weird. You really have to be japanese to think of making a sex-based game with that kind of story :S