Art Style makes a difference

Earlier today in #AB, kur0gan3 apparently picked up this picture of Hiiragi Kagami of Lucky Star, which he called All Woman Kagami (Don’t ask me why). Later on, he continued, saying that he was being enaptured (s.i.c.) by this very picture. Here, I’ll put it up to show you…

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Eh, I think I figured out why kuro was so obsessed over the All Woman Kagami image he picked up earlier. Very simple, actually. It’s the eyes. Normal Kagami has flat eyes, just like everyone else in the anime. This time, someone drew her in a different style, so, yea, the eyes are more dynamic, real, and well… attractive and mesmerising…

After that, I didn’t get a chance to further the idea because I was lynched by the other channel lurkers for over analysing. THAT’S PERSECUTION DAMMIT!!!

But it’s true after all then. There’s a reason for a certain style of drawing for each of the genres in anime. Lucky Star is drawn in a cute chibi way because firstly, it’s to match the original style in the 4koma, and secondly, it’s easier to laugh at the jokes when then come from chibi characters than sexy ones who promote the main character doing weird things to them. We now know why all the harem, eroge remakes are drawn in that style… After all, Lupus-sol came in saying…

more like a Kagami that isn’t drawn in Chibi
that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to look like, being high school students and all

6 Responses to “Art Style makes a difference”

  1. Monketh Says:

    Kagami is pure love and win for me, she makes me swoon whenever she has her little tsundere banter with Konata.

    I’ve seen a few pics by that same artist(some hentai) but I’ve yet to see a source url.

  2. This is a totally different person!~

  3. But i must say she’s hot in that pic~~

  4. Yea, very hot. I’m even thinking about using this for a render…

  5. Sooo…where’s my all-woman Tsukasa?

  6. Woot! Kagami totally hot! ;) If only they had Konata pic like this…..

    Wait, I can’t imagine Konata looking hot. Its just seems..weird.