Gadget Trial English patch available

Many thanks to randomshinichi for the heads up, though I was busy setting up this place earlier. Sorry for that.

The English patch is out! Rejoice! for the patch.

This game is rather simple, I admit. But there are some levels I found hard. – randomshinichi
Now that the english patch is out…I can finally understand what the heck they’re saying…It’s like fighting blind with no forward recon or intel…

What’s more, the game is now worth getting the full version of. I’m actually considering using the money intended for anime to buy it, if possible. (The money would otherwise go to ODEX so I do not consider this wasteful).

5 Responses to “Gadget Trial English patch available”

  1. where can I get the full version of this game?

  2. Truthfully? No idea. Hopefully some sort of mail order works, lol?

    Seriously? I’ll have to ask around a bit first…The price is kinda steep though, at 8.8k yen…

  3. woah! that’s too much…

  4. The game looks pretty cool. I’m quite interested in it and will probably find methods of obtaining it. I’m kind of confused though on why it has a ‘demo’ and ‘full’ version of it…actually I think I just answered my own question. Regardless the game does look like something you will see as an H-game, but its not.

    P.S. thank god it has an english patch or else I would of just guessed the whole time….which doesn’t make a difference to me.


  5. i’m looking to buy it, though having some difficulty navigating japanese websites to try and buy it, annoying. people should make it more easy for me to give away money