Touhou Arrange Album

— Author : RDrake —

About a week ago, NEET put up a torrent for the Touhou Arrange Album by Silver Forest on Tokyo Tosho. For those of you who missed it out, well… It’s pretty… interesting an album, I think. Touhou has some good music…

Just to go through a couple of the nicer songs:

つるぺったん – Hmm, first off, the music itself is already pretty catchy. But the real draw is in the lyrics. Check it out here. Lolz, it’s almost entirely a song about stalking flat chested Reimu.

風の詩 – Only one thing to say… Sounds familiar?

One Response to “Touhou Arrange Album”

  1. Now and again I try to listen to a Touhou arranged album, and I just don’t seem to have the background needed to appreciate the music. By this, I mean that I listen to the music and it’s… okay. It does nothing special for me.

    This is probably because I’ve never actually played a Touhou game in my life, so I don’t have any memories attached to the music. I’m not much of a music expert myself; I only really listen to music which have some sort of association with an anime or scene I like, or where the lyrics are funny as heck (see: Weird Al, They Might Be Giants).

    Although I am tempted to grab that album just for that “familiar song”. (I know I got one before due to a “Hare Hare Yukai” remix…)