Starcraft 2

— Author : Guncannon —

As some of you would have probably heard of it by now, Blizzard has officially announced Starcraft 2 in their WWI event held in Korea.

Sources: IGN, Gamemeca

From these two sources combined, it would appears that the announcement is genuine. But as I can’t help but feel that some of the new units descriptions in the IGN article are slightly far-fetched, bordering on the level of “OMFGWTFISTHISC&C3RIPBULLSHIT”. On the other hand, now that Starcraft 2 has been officially announced at last after 9 years since the release of Starcraft 1, I can’t really complain about it, can I? Good luck to South Korea’s economy when the game is finally released.

Edit: It is now official. Blizzard’s press release

Edit2: YouTube clip of announcement trailer.

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