Phantasm Brigade

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I must admit. My first reaction to this scan was “What?!! Reimu is NOT flat chested??!!” Refer to つるぺったん for more info…

Well, here is another album out by Silver Forest. I know. My last post was also about another of their albums. I just thought, why not have two such posts together? So anyway, this time, I’m do a bit more in depth review of it…

Well, just to go into the album format a little. Interestingly enough, Silver Forest seems to have it’s albums having a mix of both vocal and BGM tracks. So far, the two albums I have from them have 4 BGM tracks and 5 vocal tracks. Most vocal tracks are by different singers too.

Overall, Phantasm Brigade has a much more energetic feel than Touhou Suisogaku (the last album I reviewed). The pace is a bit faster in most of the tracks, especially in the BGMs. Not exactly high powered techno, but it does make you feel like moving along with the rhythym.

Going through a few of the songs again: (Note no link to Touhou Wiki here…)

toxic : This one is a BGM track, but I find it pretty good. Maybe that’s because it somehow reminded me of Raystorm music (Remember that arcade game?).

Ever after : Another BGM. Why is it good? It starts out with synth melody like alot of generic Hgame music but gets better in the second half as you find more instruments starting to play their own agendas in the background.

Phantasm Brigade : Ah, the vocal track which shares the title. Good stuff this one. And it comes with a more techno feel remix as if it wasn’t already in that genre of music. In case you’re interested to know, this one is sang by the same singer as the one for Kaze no Uta in Touhou Suisogaku.

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  1. LOL “Flat, flat, smooth and flat”

    What kind of lyrics is that!? LOL