Guncannon’s Welcome Party

Whee! Today is the day I officially welcome Guncannon to R.A.W.R. Time to celebrate!
(For those not in the know, Guncannon is the new (second, to be exact) writer here. He joined a couple pf weeks ago.)

To start off, I’ll do something that seems pretty popular an idea. Post up his picture!

Hehe, kidding, Guncannon is not a trap like impz. The real one is below at the bottom (and I mean right at the bottom of the post…)

Ok, ok, next step was to take down quotes from the other denizens of #AB on IRCHighway. I managed to gather quite a few… (Note: This list may expand even after publishing…)

Gunny-chan as I affectionately call him, shares a special relationship with my Sex Bunnie’s programming port. He helps keep their firmware updated, I polish his Mecha Armour ^^.
I suppose I can just go “Guncannon needs to get better Internet” or something.
Next on the list is pay Aroduc.
No. I have nothing to say to the likes of Guncannon. >:3
* vissione mans the Guncannon * vissione SHOOP DA WOOP!
Guncannon once saved me from a KEKEKEKEKE Zerg rush
Hah, i do not really have much to say to be honest.
I’ve got something to say! he’s not Extrange or sagematt that is all.

Ok, now to round things off, I just need to say one more thing to GC.

Ganbatte! Don’t worry about your word count, lolz. If you think you write too long, what about Crusader over at T.H.A.T.?

Pictures are from and respectively. If my post is incomprehensible, sorry. My brain is currently burnt out… Sorry for the inconvenience caused…

5 Responses to “Guncannon’s Welcome Party”


  2. Hurray ~~ now wheres the cake and champagne

  3. That reminds me – I need to take better pics of that MG Guncannon ^^

  4. hey GC, Shiori is DEAD!!!! only joking =P

  5. sagematt Says:

    Guncannon! Guess who is alive and kickin’!?
    (For a week at least… heheheheh…)