Little Busters OP Single

— Author : RDrake —

Hmm, just decided to do this to coincide with Guncannon’s post.
Quite a while ago, Moe released the Little Busters OP single. As Guncannon has said, it’s called Little Busters as well and sung by Rita. Here’s the tracklist:

01.Little Busters!
02. 遥か彼方
04.Little Busters! -off vocal-
05.遥か彼方 -off vocal-
06.Alicemagic -off vocal-

Hmm, on to the music itself. It’s not too bad. But it sounds kinda generic. Little Busters! and Alicemagic are fast paced and 遥か彼方 is a slow paced song.
Now I have a problem. The music on it’s own is really, well, forgettable. I guess that you really need to have it go with the game for you to really feel it’s full effect. But for someone who hasn’t even played the demo like Guncannon, well, you could say that this is light, pass the time, kind of music.

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