Hilarious translating

Hmm, I decided I couldn’t resist putting these two examples of HOW SUBBING SHOULD NOT BE DONE up after all. Just too funny to resist… By the way, for those who want to know, this is taken from a.f.k.’s subbing of Lucky Star episode 8.


Wow, that’s nice. I wonder how that happened. Tsundere has… no real translation to English. Heck, I’m not even sure whether the word “tsundere” belongs in proper Japanese. My advice? Next time, leave words like tsundere and yandere and whatnot as they are in romanjii. There is no need to change it entirely to English, you know…
(BTW, is it true that bipolar is a form of mental illness?)


Wow, I didn’t know that the Japanese ate foxes. Sure, Koreans eat dogs but Japanese eat foxes? News to me… Seriously, technically kitsune udon translates to fox udon but FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON’T CHANGE EVEN THE PROPER NOUNS TO ENGLISH AS WELL!!!
I wonder how Mai Kawasumi from Kanon is going to react to this news, lolz, slice and dice a few people up into udon ingredients?

I think that a.f.k. is trying really hard to make their subs suitable for non otakus and yea, that’s not too bad an idea, but YOU HAVE TO DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE! (I also heard people say they are doing this cos they want to get hired by some American anime distributor, lolz…) If you can’t translate something without using more than a few words, you either leave a translator’s note somewhere, or if it’s too long, put a info screen at the end a la Shinsen Subs style (Wonderful Example? : Check out Demonbane). Meanwhile, leave tsundere or whatever concept in question as it is in the line. And proper nouns… I am speechless. It’s like… translating hot dogs to atsui inu (atsui = hot, inu = dog) or something…

11 Responses to “Hilarious translating”

  1. Foxes being made into Udons is just tragic

  2. Fox udon? Maybe not.

    Tsundere = Bipolar? I’d actually say that’s a fairly good translation, and I’d agree with their “word substitution” there, as it’s about the closest match.

    But, Fox udon?!

  3. Potstickers. Correct literal translation and everyone accepts it, but it’s the most idiotic translation ever.

  4. Fox udon? some green activist going have fits somewhere. And Bipolar=Tsundere….that’s just too much.

  5. necromancer Says:

    I’ve not been watching Lucky Star but bipolar looks good in place of tsundere (mainly cause I still don’t understand this moe/tsundere/etc stuff and I dislike the word tsundere for no apparent reason, lol)

  6. Then, Makoto would be staring at Mai for awhile… or ja mean Makoto? She’s the kitsune, not Mai.

  7. HI_alchemist Says:

    I hate it when that stuff happens.

  8. ah this episode. It totally rocks. i love Konata , all the teasing… I love it!!!!>.

  9. I think that a.f.k. is trying really hard to make their subs suitable for non otakus
    For a show like Lucky Star, that line of thought is just retarded.

    I don’t know if they’re trying to get more people to watch the show or what not, but Lucky Star is targetted so squarely at people who are otakus that, if you’re not one, you won’t get it at all anyway.

  10. @ Lupus : Point taken, but it’ll be nice if non-otakus could get it too… sigh…

  11. “BTW, is it true that bipolar is a form of mental illness?”

    yes, it’s true. called “Bipolar disorder”.