Touka Gettan walls

Today, I have a nice package. Touka Gettan wallpapers…

Ok, fine, I know most people won’t be following the anime on account of not being able to figure out a show that goes backwards in time. (Look, you guys handled Haruhi, so what’s the problem now?) But Carnelian has good art, no way around that…


Kyaah~! Momoka chan kawaii desu…

Well anyway, the rest of the wallpapers can be found here

10 Responses to “Touka Gettan walls”

  1. I haven’t watch it yet (probably will not) but anything by Carnelian rulezz. Thanks for the wallpaper :D

  2. Yea, there are so many people who don’t like this show for bad reasons. Awsome walls. I checked them out when you linked them in IRC @_@.

  3. Thanks! I have heard lots of weird things about it but i have yet to start it myself due to exams and stuff, but i will give it a go ^^

  4. Thank you very much for the wall paper. will check out the anime, too.

  5. I’m just not following the anime anymore because I was still confused after the 4th epi. lol

    The visual novel’s art looks nice though. xD

  6. HI_alchemist Says:

    Hm,thanks for the Wallpapers that was convenient. ^_^

  7. I bet you got that off the HCG pack at Hongfire. HONGFIRE BANZAI!

  8. Yuriko is so hot. My god…I’ve become everything I’ve ever hated…a lolicon.


  9. I goes backward in time?!

    … that’s why I couldn’t figure out what the flying frog it was about. *proceeds to go back and redownload first few episodes*

    [I’ve been watching it for the incest and yuri >_

  10. Dark_Uchiha_Sharingan_totemo kakoi Says:

    I watch this,theanime is total cool!!!
    In the 1st episode is Momoka going to kiss touka and really they kissed!