Little Busters! + Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book + Lucky Star goodies

So, I bought a couple of things today while raiding my usual otaku spots. There are three things that I will be covering in this post. Number one, G’s Festival August Edition (ジーズフェスティバル 08月号). Number two, Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book. Number three, Comp Ace August Edition (コンプ エース08月号).

The main reason that I bought G’s Festival was because that it had a lot of information on the upcoming visual novel by Key, Little Busters!. (Read: I bought it because it has spoilers for Little Busters and I am a Key-tard.) There were three items that came along with it, mainly a double-sided dakimakura of Yuiko (唯湖) and Kud (クド), a portable cleaner featuring Komari (小毬) and a B5 sized jigsaw puzzle of Rin (鈴). Without further delays, links to pictures are below. Please keep in mind that each picture is around 800kb+ in size, so you might have to wait for a while if you are using a slow internet connection. Pictures of the dakimakura are also slightly NSFW.

Front of the Treasure Box

Back of the Treasure Box

Jigsaw Puzzle

Dakimakura (Yuiko)

Dakimakura (Kud)

The Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book contains character information and game scenes of both the PC version and the CS version which is on the PS 2 console. It also contains all the various illustrations used for promotions and what not. As per above, pictures below, large size, click at your own risk, blah blah blah blah. And no, they are all SFW, I am happy to disappoint you.

Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book

Tomoyo in maid costume <3

OL Tomoyo!

Comp Ace is a magazine that focuses mainly on bishoujo games and serialized comics that are based on those game. It is also interesting to note that it also features a serialized comic on Touhou. This issue of Comp Ace comes with two items, a Kagami phonestrap and a Lucky Star poster.

Kagami in MMORPG!

Lucky Star poster that came with Comp Ace

Kagami phonestrap!

And thats all for now. I will be posting my review and thoughts on Super Robot Wars Original Generations next. I might even include a few pictures on the Official Perfect File if I feel like it, woo. If there are enough people interested, I will post up some pictures of the character section for Little Busters! Please do post under the comments section if you are indeed interested.

PS: I will set fire to you if you direct link to the pictures without crediting us for it.

7 Responses to “Little Busters! + Tomoyo After Visual Fan Book + Lucky Star goodies”

  1. Hot damn I should find myself that copy of G’s Festival. But I have no time to head into Kinokuniya anytime soon.

  2. The LS poster sucks. Megami is superior.

  3. Blasphemy!

  4. The kagami phonestrap looks nice. I wonder if they have Konata phonestrap as well.

  5. Hey, where did you get the G’s Festival from?

  6. Hong Kong, lol.

  7. powerpufforific Says:

    That poster rulz!