On Sola and endings

Author: —RDrake—

Well, Sola has ended… (Oh the pain…)

Ok, I’ll do a series review later on, today I’m writing a commentatory on how Sola’s ending turned out to be…

Aono. May you live a good life as a normal human now…
Warning : This post is written for those who have actually watched Sola ep 13 already. If you have not, you might get spoiled…

Well, a brief summary of Sola’s ending is that both Yorito and Matsuri die. After that, fast forward a little. Mana now loves the sky while Koyori loves origami. Koyori meets Aono at the bookshop. Eventually, Aono, Mana, and Koyori become friends again.

Simple enough. Now to find the elements of this ending that I think ought to be repeated elsewhere.

1. It has CLOSURE! Closure is very important. You don’t want to end your anime hanging in the air unless you are a corporate bugger who wants people to buy the season 2. Yorito and Matsuri and gone, no questions there. All the events leading up to their death ended off and are all in the past now. Goody. Now which anime left oh so much hanging in the air? Higurashi of course. Thank goodness there’s a season 2… OH SHI- NO! I’m falling into the trap…

2. After you wrap everything up, the next step is to ensure continuity, (where you basically you leave openings for a season 2, OVA, or heck, give the doujin writers something to mess around with). This one is pretty easy. Matsuri is dead, but why does the entire show end off upon two cans of her favorite Tomato Shikuri which everyone else hates? Coincidence, probably, but it let’s the Matsuri fanboys dream on… I could go into deeper stuff, but I think I shouldn’t…

3. Keep the spirit of the show alive. At the end of the day, Sola goes back to what it was originally about. Sky appreciation… (Ok, ok, I know it just doesn’t come out the same way as tea appreciation…) Yorito’s love for the sky lives on in Mana. It’s kind of fitting though. That way, she’ll never forget a part of Yorito even if everything else is gone…

Uguu~! I don’t want to go into the emotional stuff because I think I might cry if I do. Best to end of with a simple three points. This concludes RDrake’s short “Elements of a good ending”.

6 Responses to “On Sola and endings”

  1. I agree that good endings need to have closure, and at least Sola did deliver that–thank God it didn’t end with Yorito saying something like “I can’t decide which girl to pick so let’s just all stay like this forever” like Futakoi original. But the way Yorito decides “I’m just a copy so I might as well die” doesn’t sit well with me. For a comparison, Sakai Yuuji in Shakugan no Shana is in the same position–the “real” Yuuji died, and the current one is a copy, a placeholder of sorts for the original. But even knowing that, he’s determined to keep living. I think that’s the more normal reaction–if someone told you tomorrow you were paper-based instead of carbon-based, would your first reaction be to commit seppuku? It’d be a shock, but I wouldn’t want to die as a result–whether I’m “real”, a clone, or a shikigami, your consciousness is what makes you who you are.

    I think that alone wrecked Sola’s ending for me–Yorito and Matsuri basically die because Yorito thinks his life is worthless, and Aono can’t accept her little brother might like another girl. If Aono were more mature, there’d be no reason for Yorito and Matsuri to die–the three of them could have stayed friends and rode off into the sunset (well, after sunset). Instead it felt like Yorito and Matsuri gave up their lives because Aono was immature, and in the end Aono’s the one left standing–it just wasn’t a satisfying conclusion for me. It’s a pity because it was really well animated and I liked the series overall.

  2. Wow! I’m glad someone else also thought Yorito was a total failure compared to Sakai Yuuji. And Yuuji isn’t even anywhere near my list of favorite characters.

    Another thing that really disappointed me about the ending is that it offered no real reason for why Aono didn’t commit suicide again after losing Yorito and Matsuri. I mean, she practically went into catatonic shock when Yorito disappeared, now suddenly we have her all cheerful and friendly? Either there was some bizarre “character development” happening off-screen that was left unexplained, or she suffered another mind wipe and forgot about Yorito and Matsuri. Either choice is pretty bad, and suggests weak storytelling. It’s inconsistancies like these that plague Sola, despite its above-average production values.

  3. I’m going to be neutral on this one. The ending it a closure, which is a plus for me. The way the character turn out to be is a bit of a disappointment for me. Well, maybe I was for a happy ending…

  4. When people kept getting stabbed near the end, I was thinking: “hope this doesn’t become like School Days…”

    Why didn’t Yorito choose to live in Aono peacefully? D: That would stop my river of tears in my fanboy heart.

    Great series overall.

  5. charizardpal Says:

    Yeah actually I would have accepted this ending better if Matsuri had more character development. I felt like I knew zilch about her interests by the end of the series. I wanted more romance between her and Yorito, and less extraneous details about the friends, sister, etc. I felt like the series promised romance but it was all a bait and switch, with the standard trope anime ending “His closest friends forget him, his existence, his memories,” just to make it worse than death ending. Even Mana didn’t get enough character development outside of hanging with Yorito, and Yorito didn’t seem to do much besides staring at the sky (which he mostly only did in the first two episodes.)

    Also the flashbacks were a confusing mess… too much noise and not enough signal. The only parts I felt moved in the series were the exposition with the mysterious girl comming to live with him, and the part where his evil sister was screwing with his mind while the love of his life was avoiding him.

    In conclusion the show didn’t live up to my expectations.

  6. Idk mate… I liked the way the series resolved because a happier, “well why can’t we all just be friends,” ending would be somewhat expected and unsatisfying. The only thing that frustrated me about the ending was the fact it never actually showed Matsuri bite the dust and then started throwing tomatopaste soup flavored soda at you in the end… To me, that was enough of a disruption in “closure,” to leave me confused enough to seek others opinions on said ending. To be fair it was unexpected, and yes it was artful, but idk, if you’re going to kill main characters in a definitive ending episode, would you at least make it clear, all else leads only to frustration. Though as a whole, this was probably one of the best anime I’ve seen in quite sometime, and definitely unexpected.